FROMTHEROOTS® is a streetwear brand born in Vicenza, Italy. Founded by Emanuele Rossi, Roberto Rigon and Brando Coleman, three youngsters who had a passion for fashion in common, the brand was the product of the former’s designs and the latter’s ideas. Emanuele Rossi joined the team, taking charge of the management of the brand.


Originally conceived as a project with a single collection, FTR subsequently evolved into a real brand like a tree that starts as a humble seed, develops strong roots and slowly and gradually produces branches and leaves.


The theme of roots and origins has been central in all our projects. Our first collection (Afrika), was born taking inspiration from African masks and was focused on the African heritage we all share. The brand’s motto: “Everything Comes From The Roots” came about as a consequence of this concept.


The second collection “A Stone Of Hope” outlined and expanded the meaning of FTR and was created as a form of criticism towards modernity. The lack of knowledge of our own past (our own roots, precisely), has led to the formation of a society plagued by a distorted vision of reality with a genuine risk of falling back into the dark moments of our past. It is clear that those who do not know the past are destined to repeat its mistakes.


For the third collection, called Manifesto, we have decided to break away from our core themes and values and from mainstream fashion. We wanted to share something that represents our aesthetic principals as we see them, with minimal influence from the outside world.


For this reason, we have decided to avoid external investors and to carry on our work through crowdfunding campaigns. We want From The Roots to be a small niche reality: we must and will depend on the support of small groups of young people who believe in us and in our project.